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Fund Auditor League Tables

Insights into the Private Fund Auditor Industry. The Most Comprehensive League Tables on the Private Fund Industry with Over 90,000 Funds.

Investment Bank & PE Firms

Size the market and identify M&A and investment opportunities

Asset Managers

Identify and select "best fit" Auditor for your funds


Monitor competitors and measure progress against strategic growth plans

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Auditor League Table
Auditor League Table
Auditor League Table
Auditor League Table
Product Overview
Product Overview
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-Principal at $100B+ Private Equity Firm

"Our investment mandate was to identify private equity fund auditors. Convergence's League Tables quickly helped us identify acquisition targets."

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What We Do

Quickly and Efficiently Size the Market

Quickly size the Fund Auditor market and the books of business for the top 25 Fund Auditors. Our League Tables identify whether a Fund Auditor is growing its book of business or growing its market share.

experience excellence

Convergence's Data Integrity

We spent several years evaluating, normalizing and curating data sources, including regulatory filings, to our accuracy standards and we developed various approaches to attribute fund assets to the respective Auditors.
Our private fund database is the largest and most comprehensive in the market. We track 90,000+ Hedge, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, Securitized Asset and Other funds.
Product Overview
Administrator League Table
How it works: Each League Table is $2,500 OR BUY the full market League Table for $7,000
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Get an Annual Subscription to our Total Market League Table

$ 9,500
  • Auditor insights into 90k+ funds accounting for $20 TN in assets.
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Hedge Fund League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 25k+ Hedge Funds accounting for $9 TN in assets.

Private Equity League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 31k+ Private Equity Funds accounting for $5 TN in assets.

Real Estate League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 6k+ Real Estate Funds accounting for $870 BN in assets.

Venture Capital League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 11k+ Venture Capital Funds accounting for $910 BN in assets.

Other Funds League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 15k+ Other Funds accounting for $2 BN in assets.

SAF League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 2k+ Securitized Asset Funds accounting for $892 BN in assets.

Liquidity Funds League Table

$ 2,500
  • Auditor insights into 100+ Liquidity Funds accounting for $409 BN in assets.
As soon as your payment has been verified, you’ll receive an updated Convergence League Table. A refreshed League Table will then be sent to your mailbox every month for 12 months, making sure you have the most up to date information.
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Who We Are

Meet the founders

Convergence was founded in 2013 by former executives of JP Morgan, Apollo Global, GlobeOp Financial, BISYS, Fidelity Alternative Investments, Bank of America, Arthur Andersen, KPMG, and MFS Investments who sought to fill a void in data, research and analytics coverage of the Alternative Investments space. A combined 120 years of industry experience coupled with our leading technology has rapidly brought Convergence to the forefront of RIA infrastructure best practices and transparency.

Target M&A Prospects and Identify Whether a Fund Auditor is the Best Fit for You


Detailed monthly insights into the Fund Type and Investment Strategies of the 600+ Auditors in our database and their Net Asset Values.

You will gain an unprecedented holistic view of the entire 600+ Fund Auditor eco-system.

The League Table is downloadable in a PDF format.

You will receive the League Tables within 2 business days after purchase.

Yes – they are an annual subscription and you will receive updates on the second Monday of each month.
Yes, there is a support chat on our page as well as a contact email

Hedge Funds – A hedge fund is a pooled investment fund that trades in relatively liquid assets and is able to make extensive use of more complex trading, portfolio-construction and risk management techniques to improve performance, such as short selling, leverage, and derivatives. Financial regulators generally restrict hedge fund marketing except to institutional investors, high net worth individuals and others who are considered sufficiently sophisticated. Generally hedge funds are open-ended and they receive performance fees on unrealized gains.

Private Equity Funds – Private equity is a type of equity and one of the asset classes consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. A private-equity investment will generally be made by a private-equity firm, a venture capital firm or an angel investor. Each of these categories of investors has its own set of goals, preferences and investment strategies; however, all provide working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new-product development, or restructuring of the company’s operations, management, or ownership. Private Equity funds are generally closed-ended and only receive performance fees on realized gains.

Real Estate Funds

Venture Capital Funds – Venture capital funds are pooled investment funds that manage the money of investors who seek private equity stakes in startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises with strong growth potential. These investments are generally characterized as very high-risk/high-return opportunities.In the past, venture capital (VC) investments were only accessible to professional venture capitalists, but now accredited investors have a greater ability to take part in venture capital investments. Still, VC funds remain largely out of reach to ordinary investors.

Other Funds

SAF Funds – Securitized products are pools of financial assets that are brought together to create a new security, which is then divided and sold to investors. Since the value and cash flows of the new asset are based on its underlying securities, these investments can be hard to analyze, but they have their benefits. Mortgages (residential and commercial), credit card receivables, auto loans, student loans, etc. can each be pooled together to create securitizations.

Liquidity Funds – Private liquidity funds entered the SEC vocabulary as the result of the February 2010 money market fund reform, which required private fund investment advisors to file Form PF by December 2012. The SEC defines liquidity funds as “any private fund that seeks to generate income by investing in a portfolio of short term obligations in order to maintain a stable net asset value per unit or minimize principal volatility for investors.”

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The Convergence Ten Data and Operating Principles

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