Convergence RFQ™

(Regulatory Filing Quality)
An objective and independent measure of the effectiveness of your Compliance Program – get ready to meet the Compliance Rule amendment in the recently enacted SEC Private Fund Rule

What is Convergence RFQ™:

It is the comparison of your Form ADV, D, 13F, NCEN and NPORT filings to SEC rules and guidelines using AI and data science that benchmarks your filing quality to the market, or to a group of your selected peers.

What Convergence RFQ™ Tells You:

Our initial Convergence RFQ™ ‘fly-by’ tells you where your filing quality scores fall in a standard bell curve which is used to reveal RFQ™ that is “consistent with,” “higher than,” or “lower than” other filers. Additional service levels are available that identify opportunities to improve. 

Why Convergence RFQ™ Matters:

It takes teamwork to meet regulatory filing requirements and Convergence RFQ™ provides objective assessments of regulatory filing quality, a core element of a CCO’s Compliance Program. If your RFQ™ is consistent or better than the market, it is more likely than not that the quality of other compliance policies is similar.

Use Convergence RFQ™ to objectively meet and protect yourself and your firm from the amended Compliance Rule, which requires CCOs to document the results of their annual review of policies and procedures and comment on their effectiveness—similar to how fairness opinions were used to protect Boards from investor litigation on valuations.

The SEC Form ADV Warning:

“Complete this form truthfully. False statements or omissions may result in denial of your application, revocation of your resignation, or criminal prosecution. You must keep this form updated by filing periodic amendments.”

We were able to use the insights we got from Convergence RFQ™ to make our Part 2A disclosures simpler and clearer. Every CCO in the industry should take a look at their filing quality.

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Convergence RFQ™ Market Insights

Form ADV – Hedge Fund Managers – Fiscal Year Ended 2022

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