Supporting Business Development
and Client Management

Convergence business development and client management “data insights” 
support a first-mover advantage for trends and emerging revenue opportunities
relevant to your business. 

Our customized approach for each client experience provides curated data focused on client parameters and targets:

Marketplace data and surveillance
Competitive assessments & customized research
Sales advisory & lead generation
M&A and target market/client identification support
Predictive analytics – to support where target/current clients will be in the future
Books of business on all service providers in our database
Daily proprietary alerts on the Investment Manager industry (100 – 150/day)
Portal subscription look-up and search capabilities for all entities in the database

Support Strategic
Business Planning

Convergence’s data and consultative products and services support your strategic initiatives to grow your business including launching new products and businesses, expanding into new markets and geographies and acquiring new companies. As firms mature, we can provide further strategic current state assessments and target operating model analytics to assure clients are keeping up with industry best practices.

Data-driven Products include:

Consultative Services include:

Market sizing and growth analytics – provides insights into how broad and deep the market is for the products and services you will offer and its growth over a defined time series (as far back as 10-years)

Competitive landscape and growth analytics – provides insights into all the firms in the target market, their growth rates and how they have grown using Convergence’s 9 measures of growth 

Competitor client analytics – provides insights about the growth rates of the clients of target firms on your buy-list and or across the market in general

Target sales and relationship management analytics – provides insights into how effective sales and relationship management teams are at firms which may be on your target buy-list or across the market in general

Start-up & lift-out planning & implementation

Product Development

Talent Identification & Recruitment

Manager Headcount Comparisons & Service Provider Impact

Proprietary Productivity Analytics – Units of Work & Work Intensity


Capital Development/
Marketing & Branding

Convergence “data-driven insights” and consultative services prepare firms to raise assets in new and existing funds by providing a tactical roadmap showing you the most effective third-party marketing firms, relevant investors and the proper investor types. Coupled with our business development analytics, we can provide insights into the market, marketing and branding acumen, and fundraising companies to support all facets of the capital raising/investor communication process.

Data-driven Products include:

Competitive landscape and growth analytics – provides insights into all firms that have or are actively marketing funds in the target market along with their growth rates

Competitor fundraising analytics – provides insights into the fundraising experience of third-party marketers and the time it took for first soft-close and or hard close

Competitor risk profiles – provides insights into the high-risk business conditions in your competitor’s business compared to your own.  In the highly competitive market for investment alpha, lower business risk can be the differentiator when investors make allocation decisions 


Consultative Services include:

Brand identity & marketing collateral creation

Marketing & branding reviews

Website design & implementation

Investor relations protocols

These products and services are applicable for:

Public & Private Investment Advisors

Fund of Funds

Family Offices


Prime Brokers


Compliance firms


Legal Firms


Insurance companies