Talent Management

Talent Management is usually performed in conjunction with other services.  As part of our consulting package, we can help find the right senior executives, or suggest an operating model to effectively attract the right talent.

Our people focus centers on the financial services community in a variety of disciplines including “C-Suite” personnel, senior operations talent, and sales:

Products & Services include:

SEC Advisors


Fund Administrators


Prime Brokers

Audit Firms

Compliance Firms

Other ways we can support your business

Operations & Finance Support

For Middle and Back Office functions throughout an entity’s lifecycle on a project-oriented basis.

Support Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning comes in many flavors; from a launch of a new business to the expansion into new markets or business lines.

Due Diligence

Convergence’s Due Diligence capabilities are applicable across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Capital Development/Marketing & Branding

Convergence prepares firms by providing a roadmap to the proper investor types.