Due Diligence

Convergence’s Due Diligence capabilities are applicable across a wide spectrum of disciplines – including the evaluation of potential investment or acquisition targets, preparing for capital raising, preparation for a firm’s own ODD/Marketing requirements or for reviewing potential strategic service providers.  Our services include initial, periodic, and ongoing daily alert maintenance.

The due diligence and data Convergence provides also facilitates an effective and more efficient AML/KYC process. Combined with our 95% confidence factors to source data and our data management services, convergence provides a powerful dynamic of experience and analytics for a quicker time to market.

Products & Services include:

Full ODD Analysis

Site visits, where applicable

Verification with third parties & Convergence data analytics

Service Provider Best Fit Analytics

Private Fund Marketing; DDQs, Investor preparation, peer group analytics

Reference Data Management

Deep Dive Analysis; firm history, operating environment, books & records, regulatory events, performance metrics

These products and services are applicable for:

Private Investment Advisors

All Allocators





Insurance companies

Prime Brokers

Broker Dealers

Other ways we can support your business

Operations & Finance Support

For Middle and Back Office functions throughout an entity’s lifecycle on a project-oriented basis.

Support Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning comes in many flavors; from a launch of a new business to the expansion into new markets or business lines.

Capital Development/Marketing & Branding

Convergence prepares firms by providing a roadmap to the proper investor types. 

Talent Management

Attract, find and manage the right senior executives for your business model.