Products & Services

Convergence’s products and services reduce the time, complexity and cost it takes for our clients to develop key “data-driven insights” they need to make key tactical and strategic decisions. Our “insights” are delivered through our “data as a service” (DaaS) business model.

Products & Services
Tailored to Client’s Needs

What we do

Unique Products & Service Offering Options

Fully Integrated or Standalone depending on Client Demands.

Business Development
& Client Management

Convergence business development and client management “insights” support a first-mover advantage for trends and emerging revenue opportunities relevant to your business. By providing predictive and ‘Best Fit’ analytics, Convergence can help you identify and keep the best prospects and clients.

Outsourced Data Services
& Research

Convergence provides outsourced data management services for reference data, predictive analytics, document parsing and custom research for our clients.

Our proprietary research on the financial services industry cuts across a wide demographic of league table market segments, private fund capital flows, DEI and ESG metrics and SEC enforcement actions.

Effectiveness &
Efficiency Support

Convergence “insights”, along with its consulting acumen assist firms and their clients navigate the complexities of informed decision making in key operating and control areas.

Non-Investment Business
Risk Management

Convergence risk management “Insights” provides independent views into the commercial and operational risk exposures of an organization in four key non-investment risk profiles:

  • Operational riskfront, middle and back office
  • Compliance risk
    Support compliance quality/health checks
  • Service provider risk
    concentrations, service mismatches
  • Regulatory risk
    regulatory sanctions, peer group comparisons and correlations to our SEC infraction library

Case Studies

Revenue Growth Support - Tactical Business Development

CLIENT PROFILE: $100bn Fund Administrator

Revenue Growth Support - Strategic Business Development/M&A Support

CLIENT PROFILE: $20bn Fund Administrator 

Improving Quality & Efficiency

CLIENT PROFILE: $60BN Public Pension Plan.

Middle/Back Office Assessment & Transformation

CLIENT PROFILE: Proprietary trading entity (non-broker dealer)

Due Diligence and Process Reengineering

CLIENT PROFILE: Asset Management

FINRA Planning & Approval for Prime Brokerage & Portfolio Margin



“The Convergence data was instrumental in helping us tell the story of Miami’s evolution into the Wall Street of the South”.

Ilona Vega – Business
Development, Miami DDA

“The data we get from Convergence allows us to be surgical in how we deploy our Sales Strategy. We cannot operate without it!”

Jason Meklinsky – Head of Business
Development USA, APEX Group

“Convergence data and analytics are embedded into our Sales effort, Client Management and risk surveillance efforts. “

Jay Maher – Mainstream CEO