Revenue Growth Support - Strategic Business Development/M&A Support

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Asset Management
$58 billion Financial advisory and asset management firm with broker dealer subsidiary operating in 39 cities across 21 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America


  • The company was planning on leveraging its brand to expand into the prime broker business through the acquisition of another company
  • Technology used by the target company is decentralized and need to determine whether the technology meets asset management firm’s needs or whether significant gaps exist
  • Dealing with multiple vendors and stakeholders throughout the organization


  • Project team members managed the build-out of the prime brokerage offering, including negotiation with third party service providers, assessment of internal infrastructure requirements and integration of the new technology acquired by the client into the existing technology systems
  • Assisted with defining, developing, and implementing a new prime brokerage offering.
  • Performed a suitability analysis of the target vendor by analyzing the technology platform (infrastructure) for the prime brokerage offering
  • Developed technology requirement assumptions of the technology platform, performed a gap analysis, analyzed the applications’ feature set and development deliverables, and modeled application functionality with various hedge fund workflows
  • Assisted in the integration of the newly acquired client’s prime broker infrastructure onto the new technology platform
  • Performed general application security, access and change management control reviews and analyzed the on-boarding requirements for the specific vendor
  • Performed research and analysis to provide for an effective implementation of service provider feeds, strategic development of a client-facing technology offering, development of an on-boarding and transition process for new/existing clients and helped with client reporting strategies
  • Reviewed the target’s financial statements, including FOCUS filings, federal, state and local income tax returns, the most recent draft purchase agreement and interviewed the target’s senior management and independent auditors which were used to develop our findings and recommendations provided to the client’s legal counsel
  • Finalized client’s prime brokerage offering strategy and maximized cost savings based on our analysis


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