Operations &
Finance Support

For Middle and Back Office functions throughout an entity’s lifecycle on a project-oriented basis. Convergence integrates the right mix of team and technology to allow a firm to concentrate on its primary focus of business.

Products & Services include:

Middle & Back Office Transformations

Counterparty Credit Risk Management

Counterparty Documentation Analysis

Cash & Collateral Management

Leverage & Finance Optimization

Margin, Cross Margin & Liquidity Management

Securities Lending/Borrow Management

Treasury Management

These products and services are applicable for:

Private Investment Advisors

Fund of Funds

Family Offices


Prime Brokers

Broker dealers

Other ways we can support your business

Support Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning comes in many flavors; from a launch of a new business to the expansion into new markets or business lines.

Due Diligence

Convergence’s Due Diligence capabilities are applicable across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Capital Development/Marketing & Branding

Convergence prepares firms by providing a roadmap to the proper investor types. 

Talent Management

Attract, find and manage the right senior executives for your business model.