Improve Efficiency
and Productivity

Convergence “data-driven insights” and consultative services help clients improve their use of human capital by providing insights into how their hiring practices and business growth compares to tightly defined peer groups.

Data-driven Products include:

Work-to-Hiring analytics – provides insights if you are hiring more or less investment and non-investment staff than the market, or a tightly defined peer group using a variety of proprietary growth and headcount metrics.

Positioned for Growth analytics – provides insight into how many investment and non-investment staff are needed to achieve targeted levels of asset and or product growth.

Service Provider Selection Impact – provides insight into the efficiency and productivity of your service provider’s clients compared to your current providers.

Consultative Services include:

Current and Future State Assessment of Organization Effectiveness

Implementation Support

These products and services are applicable for:

Public & Private Investment Advisors

Fund of Funds

Family Offices


Prime Brokers


Compliance firms


Legal Firms


Insurance companies