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Convergence provides its investment adviser, service provider and institutional investor clients with a steady stream of proprietary research and thought leadership insights that is powered by our industry leading data and analytics. Our research digs deeply into industry growth, risk, ESG and capital allocations. Our research and thought leadership is custom and off-the-shelf and creates efficiencies for users who would have to spend enormous amounts of money to create it on their own. Our data-sets are independent, broader, deeper, more accurate and have a longer time series than other data providers in the market.

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Fund Administration Industry Research and Key Insights Report - Q3 2023 Year-Over-Year

As asset managers continue to cope with fee pressures and increased regulatory burdens and costs, read our research to discover how outsourcing to a broader group of TPAs is redefining the competitive landscape of the TPA industry.


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Annual State
of the Union

This annual report provides insights into key trends across financial services using a 1-year and 3-year trends in these key areas:

State of the Union

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Service Provider
League Table Research

Clients benefit from our league tables because they identify key trends developing within the market segments analyzed. Key companies in the industry are monitored and tracked while growth and competitive metrics are reviewed for each service provider.

League tables show the market share held by the Top 25 and all other service providers listed and are measured and published at the end of each month and over the past 12 rolling months.  League table data is measured and reported using the number of funds and dollar value of regulatory assets under management.

Administrator & Auditor League Tables are produced in the following versions:

Custodian and Prime Broker League Tables are produced in the following versions:

League Table

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Capital Flows into New
and Existing Funds

Provides quarterly insights into investor allocations to new and existing funds, for capital investing across different types of funds and investing entities.  The analysis includes technical analysis and a 1 and 3-year forecast trends for the following fund types:


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Digital Asset

Provides insights into developments in the crypto industry, including the identification of key players, its overall growth in the marketplace, and the burgeoning service provider landscape.

digital asset research

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Form ADV Filing Quality Analyzer

Analyzes the quality of an investment manager’s most recently filed Form ADV and identifies corrections that need to be made while comparing them to their filing peer group. The measurements are year-over-year.

ADV Analyzer

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Provides comprehensive contact information of all “C-Suite” personnel disclosed for all investment manager entities in our database

Contact Directory

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Integrated Regulatory Filing Quality

Analyzes the quality of  an investment managers most recently filed Form ADV, Form D and Form 13F. The measurements are year-over-year and are published with a 5-year of time series.

Convergence scores the accuracy, consistency and frequency of these filings using proprietary scoring techniques. We measure compliance stress by looking at the trend in “lower quality” filings across each type of filing and together as a group of filings.

Regulatory Filing Quality

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SEC Enforcement

Provides insights into SEC Enforcement actions taken against Advisers for wrongdoing.

SEC Enforcement Actions

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Survival Bias is a study of the survival rates of investment advisers and their funds. The update is provided annually and includes the analysis of different types of advisers to the fund types listed.
The report should be used by Service Providers who set minimum size thresholds for their sales teams to pursue.

Survival Bias

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An analysis of the ESG sensitivity of existing and new asset managers in how they run their business using ESG principles. Not intended for the companies they invest in. We use a 3-star system to score asset managers with one point awarded for each ESG category (E-S-G). The measurements are year-over year, and we publish 5-years of time series data for these Manager groups:

ESG Sensitivity

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Diversity &

Provides insights into gender diversity across the financial services industry

Diversity & Inclusion

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The research shows statistics and trends on the Total Risk Scores (TRS) and Relative Risk Scores (RRS) for manager groups. We analyze and report on risk in 3-dimensions (Regulatory Oversight, Regulatory Filing Status, and Manager Group categories). TRS and RRS is studied across the following 5 Categories:

Operational Risk

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